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Beauty in a Prom Dress

A fantastic prom dress is a definite must-have for any perfect prom night. Still, your prom dress will only take you so far, no matter how beautiful it is. A great hairstyle helps, but for true prom night beauty, every part of your body needs to shine. Follow the tips below to look and feel gorgeous from head to toe.
  • To keep your prom hair style looking glamorous and perfect, apply styling cream to any unruly strands with an old toothbrush. By treating only the problem areas, you can avoid using gobs of hair spray that may leave your hair feeling stiff and unnatural.
  • If you are having your prom hair style done professionally, remember to clip photos from magazines of your desired style. This will help you and your stylist achieve the perfect look to match your prom dress.
  • To make sure you are the belle of the ball, try adding some sparkle to your prom hair style. First, spray your tresses with a bit of hairspray and then sprinkle them with some loose glitter. When the lights hit on the dance floor, you will be a sparkly queen.
  • Nothing will open up your eyes and pull your look together more than perfectly shaped brows. If you are a beginner, have your brows waxed professionally to create a shape and then maintain the look with routine plucking.
  • Prom is a fantastic time to draw attention to your eyes with long, luxurious lashes. Instead of fooling around with false eyelashes (they can be very tricky), try using mascara infused with stretchy fibers. One coat will give you the lashes you?ve always dreamed of.
  • To create soft, kissable lips, slather your mouth with petroleum jelly and rub it in with an old toothbrush to remove any dry, flaky skin. Be sure to do this the night before prom so no jelly taste remains for that goodnight kiss.
  • To keep your lips looking rosy and flushed all night, try a lip stain instead of your regular lipstick or gloss. This will keep you from having to reapply your color every half hour.
  • To achieve a great prom picture smile, start brushing your teeth with whitening toothpaste a couple of weeks before your prom. If you think you may need a little more help, begin using whitening strips each night at least one month before your prom.
  • For beautiful, shimmery shoulders that look and taste great, try spraying yourself with a flavored, sparkled fragrance. Strapless prom dresses really benefit from sexy shoulders, and your date will be happy, too.
  • Nothing can mar your prom night more than an unfortunate blemish on the big day. To minimize the damage, hold an ice cube on the area for a few minutes to cut down the swelling. Then, rub hydrocortisone cream into the blemish and cover it with medicated concealer. No one will be the wiser!
  • Silky, smooth hands will definitely make you more inviting on the dance floor. To achieve the feel, slather a thick moisturizer all over your hands the night before the prom. Slip a pair of cotton gloves over the moisturizer to help with absorption and go to bed. Your hands will be baby-soft the next morning.
  • To create pretty nails, try choosing a polish that is just slightly lighter or darker than your prom dress. The different shade will help your nails stand out more and give you a chic look.
  • Even the cutest prom dress can benefit from glowing skin to accompany it. On the day of your prom, moisturize your skin and add a touch of glitter for a shimmery glow.
  • If you plan on showing a little leg in your prom dress, dry, flaky skin is clearly not what you want to display. Fortunately, you can achieve soft, silky skin in only a week with an exfoliating scrub. Simply apply the scrub to damp skin every couple of days for a baby-soft feel.
  • To keep your feet looking beautiful and blister-free after dancing all night, buy your prom shoes early and start breaking them in immediately. Wear them around the house with socks for at least an hour each day, and they?ll feel like Cinderella?s slippers on prom night.
With all of these tips in mind, your body should look as beautiful and glamorous as your prom dress on the big night. Before stepping out the door, remember to complete a final beauty check; you do not want any lipstick stains or deodorant smudges to ruin all of your hard work. Then, relax and have a great time. Nothing adds to your prom night beauty more than cool confidence.

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